Fast & user-friendly single crystal orientation

The task of calculating the orientation from Omega Scan and Theta Scan diffractograms is entirely left to the computer. The user gets all important orientation information with one click only from our software.

In most cases the crystal orientation measurement is a precondition for other processing or measurement steps. The details and peciliarities of each method are not of interest for the most users; they want a reliable result to decide how to go on with their work. Thus having a clear interface and straightforward operation procedures is a key point in our machine design.

The analysis of an Omega Scan diffractogram can be a tedious task, that is greatly accelerated by the instrument software. User profiles hide all information that is not needed during normal measurement operations. The interface is designed to show all relevant status information and measurement results at a glance. If an adjustable sample holder is used, the necessary manipulations to reach the desired crystal orientation are calculated and reported to the operator. The crystallographic knowledge is programmed into our software.