Single crystal XRD for large samples

Our diffractometers are designed especially for large and heavy synthetic single crystals.

Synthetic single crystals for industrial applications are often large and heavy and require special adaptations for sample holders and supports. The main purpose of XRD measurements on such materials is to identify and control the orientation of the surface during several work steps. Thus the measurement works in a reflecting beam geometry. During growth, the crystal gets its initial orientation from a seed crystal. If no seed is used, in most cases the crystal shape and growth direction present good indicators for the crystal orientation. This pre-existing knowledge about the approximate orientation allows to use a fast and precise measurement technique, that we call the Omega Scan.

Our diffractometers are built especially with large single crystals in mind. The sample supporting plate can carry up to 30 kg in the basic version. Single crystals or crystal orientation units up to 400 mm length can be measured. Our engineers design and build specialized sample holders to the customers' requirements. Using customized sample holders, the same machine can be employed to measure the grown crystal, an ingot and individual wafers. The inclination of the measured crystal surface with respect to the rotation plane is detected and can be corrected.

The Omega Scan has been adapted to many different material systems. If more flexibility is needed, we recommend an additional Theta Scan capability.