XRD for industry-grade single crystals

Requiring a convenient and fast XRD method for crystal orientation measurements, the industry is the primary application field for the Omega Scan.

The largest application of single crystals are substrates for microelectronics. Elemental semiconductors like Si, Ge and GaAs are increasingly complemented with wide-bandgap semiconductors such as GaN and SiC. A further application is sapphire for the LED production. The production of large and distortion-free single crystals of these materials is a technological and economical challenge. The desired application often requires a precise orientation of the crystal structure of a wafer. During sawing and processing of the crystal, the orientation needs to be controlled regularly by XRD to meet the requirements.

The Omega Scan is an ideal technique for production support due to the short measurement time and user-friendly operation. The instrument layout can be tailored to only one material by fixing the detector and X-ray axes. This also results in a lower failure probability. The machine is designed for samples up to 400 mm size and 50 kg of weight. Measurement parameters are available for the most common technical materials. Using specialized sample holders, the same machine can be employed to measure a grown crystal and the cut wafer.

Enhanced flexibility in terms of materials and orientation ranges can be reached by a second orientation measurement technique, the Theta Scan. Another option is the characterization of the crystal quality by rocking curve measurements using a double-crystal collimator.