Omega-Scan (user defined material)



The customized Omega Scan is an advantageous solution for measuring the orientation of a single type of crystals. By fixing the X-ray beam and detector of an Omega/Theta, the machine is tailored to a defined material. The simplified design improves reliability and maintenance. On the other hand, specialized adaptations like sample holders, stacking units and goniometers can be included in the customization. The machine design can include several possible orientations of the crystals.

sample dimensions1 mm - 400 mm; weight < 30 kg
measurement time3-5 seconds

Tilt angle: 0.003° (10 sec)

Tilt direction: Dependent on Tilt angle

Perpendicular directions: 0.015° (50 sec)

X-raysStandard XRD diffraction tube, water cooled