MDPinline ingot

State of the art system for topographic electrical characterization of multicrystalline bricks in fabs with high throughput. Total measurement times of less than one minute at 1 mm resolution for one face of the brick. Bricks are automatically turned around to facilitate measurements of all 4 sides of each brick.

Fast ingot mapping system for high throughput multicrystalline silicon fabs

MDPinline ingot systems are worldwide the fastest measurement tools available for electrical characterization of multicrystalline silicon bricks. They are designed for single brick investigation in high throughput production fabs. Every brick can be measured on four sides in less than one minute per face. All maps (lifetime, photoconductivity, resistivity) are measured simultaneously.

The system includes a database and statistical data evaluation, which can be used for automated determination of precise cut positions for yield improvement, for material quality monitoring, for furnace selection and process improvement.


  • contactless destruction free electrical semiconductor characterization

  • mapping capability of minority carrier lifetime

  • advanced sensitivity for visualization of so far invisible defects

  • automated cut criteria definition

  • steady state measurements for extraction of bulk properties

  • completely automated for inline ­integration

  • 2-dimensional brick mapping system for solar grade silicon, one millimetre resolution, measurement time: one face of a brick in less than 1 minutes, automated measurement of all 4 faces


  • World record speed for inline multicrystalline silicon brick characterization for advanced PV fabs. Measurement of carrier lifetime with one millimeter resolution in less than one minute for one face of a brick. Spatial resolved measurement of conduction type changes as well as resistivity maps are measured at the same time.

  • Customer defined brick cut criteria can be transmitted to the fab database, which allows a fully automated material monitoring for next generation photovoltaic fabs. Enables material quality control and monitoring of furnace performance, and failure analysis.

  • Special “underneath the surface” measurement technique reduces distortion of data by surface recombination considerably.

Technical specifications

samplemulti silicon brick
sample sizebetween 125 x 125 to 210 x 210 mm²
maximum brick length600 mm
resistivity0.2 - 10³ Ohm cm
conduction typep, n
materialmulticrystalline silicon
properties measureablelifetime (steady state or non equilibrium (μ-PCD) selectable), photoconductivity
excitation980 nm default
measurement time depending on samplefor instance 1 mm resolution 156 x 156 mm², 300 mm : much less than two minutes
dimension2300 x 800 x 1200 mm, weight: 250 kg
power110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 8 A


  • fully automated

  • ingot maps and linescans


  • resistivity map with 1 cm² resolution

  • p/n equivalent map with 1 mm² ­resolution

  • iron mapping capability