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GNR's high quality analytical equipments

G.N.R. S.r.l., Italy

With 30 years of technological experience, GNR is a worldwide market producer of advanced X-ray (XRD, XRF) systems for complete solutions in structural and elemental analysis. Products are tailor-made for applications ranging from typical analytical research in chemistry and physics to very specific analytical techniques for the metalworking industry. Please visit GNR's homepage for more information.


Freiberg Instruments is one of the authorized distributors of  GNR's X-ray diffractometers in Germany. We cover a wide range of X-ray applications:

  • Powder diffraction

  • Reflectometry / Thin films

  • Retained austenite determination

  • Residual stress measurement

  • X-ray fluorescence


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Mr. Christoph Siebert
Application & Sales

E-Mail: sales@freiberginstruments.com

Phone: +49 3731 41954 15

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Freiberg Instruments GmbH
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