Solutions for your XRD demands

Freiberg Instruments designs single crystal diffractometers and automated systems for crystal lattice orientation and rocking curve measurements. We specialize in the ultra-fast and precise Omega Scan orientation determination method. Our partners of GNR Analytical Instruments Group offer a highly differentiated palette of X-ray products for a broader range of applications.

The quality criteria for crystalline wafer surfaces often demand a precise relation between surface orientation and the crystalline orientation of the material. XRD techniques are used during production process to align the crystals for sawing, to determine the flat position and to check the orientation of the final product.

The Omega Scan is a fast way of determining the complete lattice orientation with high precision in only one measurement step. An approximate orientation of the measured surface is required as input, for example the orientation known from the seed crystal.

Our diffractometers are intended for macroscopic single crystals from 1 mm up to 400 mm in size. Available options are the Omega scan and Theta scan orientation methods, as well as rocking curve measurement. A laser optical tilt detection can be applied if the correction of the reference surface is required. Various extensions have been developed for special functions, for example an automatized handling system, a flat detection optics system or a secondary monochromator for reciprocal space mapping applications.

X-ray devices