Metrology solutions for the microelectronic industry

The microelectronic industry drives present global technological developments. It is one reason for the success of information and telecommunication technologies.

Facing the challenges in the microelectronic industry with top-notch metrology solutions

The microelectronic industry is probably one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. This has led to a highly competitive market and hence suppliers must be flexible, guaranteeing levels of quality and technical excellence that match the high standards needed for e.g. information and telecommunication applications. Freiberg Instruments is able to supply series as well as customized equipments, which are needed to assure high quality standards and high yields.

  • Defect monitoring and recognitionMDP tools enable the measurement of FeB, BO2, CrB, Mo and Ni in silicon

  • Measurement capability of very thin layersunsurpassed sensitivity with possiblity to measure thin epitaxial layers of only a few µm thickness

  • analog and mixed signalhigh detection sensitivity and versatility for production fault analysis on completely processed wafers

  • ideal for statistical process controlultrafast and very sensitive sensors for real time process and material quality control

  • 450 mm measurement capabilityavailable for all kind of sample sizes, including 450 mm wafers and bricks