Fast wafer mapping - single wafer topograms in less than one second a wafer.

MDPinline is a compact high speed production integrated mapping tool for quantitative measurements of carrier lifetime.


Benchtop PID test solutions

Potential Induced Degradation control of solar cells and encapsulation films as commercially available bench top metrology solution.


Ultra-fast crystal orientation measurement using Omega-scan method




Metrology solutions for a wide range of industries

Microelectronic Industry

The microelectronic industry drives present global technological developments. It is one reason for the success of information and telecommunication technologies.

Photovoltaic Industry

Solar Energy is one of the key elements for the energy revolution that is currently taking place all over the world. In the last years the photovoltaic industry showed the highest growth rate of all renewable energy industries

Research and Development

Research and development is the driving force for the expanding market for semiconductor products in the PV and microelectronic industry.

Crystal growth and processing

The growth of single crystal material is a technologically and economically challenging business. Continuous measurements of product quality are a key to economical success.