Metrology solutions for the photovoltaic industry

Solar Energy is one of the key elements for the energy revolution that is currently taking place all over the world. In the last years the photovoltaic industry showed the highest growth rate of all renewable energy industries

Facing the challenges of the photovoltaic industry with state-of-the-art metrology solutions

Recently the overflow of global competitors and a fast growing global production capacity has led to a dramatically decrease of system prices and put pressure especially on solar cell and module producers. Hence it becomes more and more important to convince customers by a high quality standard and to further reduce prices. Freiberg Instruments metrology solutions are ideal to help increasing the yield and the quality of the produced solar cells. With them the material quality can be assessed right at the beginning of the production chain and be measured after every production step, from the brick to the finished solar cell.

  • Improvement of material yield at bricks determine pn-changes and exact cutting criteria for discard of low quality parts of the brick

  • Measurement of bulk information at bricks measures with a long light pulse for steady state - the generated carriers can diffuse into the bulk, so that also bulk information can be gained

  • High measurement speed full wafer map with a resolution of better than 2 mm takes under one second, full map of a brick face with a resolution of 1 mm takes under 1 min

  • Very good measurement capability repeatability of below 1% for lifetime measurements and below 3% for resistivity measurements

  • High sensitivity unsurpassed sensitivity due to our advanced microwave detection system, possible to measure thin films or solar cells as well as wafers and bricks

  • Mono-like silicon new twist at PV crystal solidification technology leads to mono like silicon -  improved minority carrier lifetime allows for efficiency gain of up to 2.5% for solar cells

Applications for Photovoltaic Industry