MDPpro 850+

For production and quality control of monocrystalline Si ingots,bricks and wafers.

Si for HJT, HIT, TOPcon, bifacial PERC, PERC+ solar cells, Perovskites and more.


Range of lifetimes
20 ns to 100 ms (for samples > 0.3 Ohm cm)

SEMI standard

Measurement speed
< 30 sec for linescan
< 5 min for complete mapping

Simultaneous measurement of
lifetime μPCD/MDP (QSS) and resistivity

Automatic geometric recognition
G12, M10 bricks and wafers


  • Lifetime & Resistivity Mapping

  • Crystal Growth Monitoring (i. e. Slip lines)

  • Contamination Monitoring

  • Oxygen Striations/OSF Ring

  • Iron Mapping for p-doped Si

  • Light Beam Induced Current (LBIC)

  • Sheet Resistance for Emitter Layer

  • and more...

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MDPstudio – Operating & Evalution Software

User-friendly and advanced operating software with:

  • Export and import functions

  • User structure with operator

  • Overview over all performed measurements

  • Sample parameter input

  • Single point measurements
    e. g. injection dependent measurements

  • Mapping

  • Recipes

  • Package of analysis functions

  • View of line scans and single transients

Configuration options

  • Spot size variation

  • Resistivity measurement (bricks/wafers)

  • Background/Bias light

  • Refl ection measurement (MDP)

  • LBIC

  • Internal iron mapping of p-doped Si

  • P/N detection

  • Bar code reader

  • Automatic geometric recognition

  • Wide range of lasers

Technical specifications

Materialmonocrystalline silicon
Ingot sizebetween 125 x 125 to 210 x 210 mm²,
brick length 850 mm or longer
Wafer Sizeup to 300 ¬mm diameter
Resistivity range0.5 – 5 Ohm cm. Other ranges on request
Conduction typep, n
Measurable propertieslifetime - μPCD/MDP (QSS), photoconductivity, resistivity and more
Default excitationlR laser diode (980 nm, max. 500 mW) and IR laser diode (905 nm, max. 9000 mW).
Other wavelengths are available on request
PC workstationWindows 11 or latest, .NET Framework update, 2 Ethernet ports
Power requirements100 – 250 V AC, 6 A
(W × H × D)
2560 × 1910 × 1440 mm
Weightapprox. 200 kg
Certificationmanufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines, CE conform