PIDcon bifacial

for quality control of bifacial PERC/PERC+ solar cells, HIT, Topcon, c-Si solar cells, mini modules and more

PIDcon bifacial

The change to a light capping rear side of the cells, was found to make bifacial PERC cells and modules sensitive to new types of PID at the rear side, namely PID of the de-polarization type (PID-p) and a corrosive PID mechanism (PID-c).

In order to test cells for these kinds of PID, the PIDcon bifacial was developed. It is stressing the complete cell with temperature, illumination and high voltage, which can be polarized in both directions. By measuring the IV curve under illumination the PID sensitivity can be determined.


  • PID detection at cell level

  • Research, Production & Quality Control of PERC, AL-BSF, PERC+, bifacial PERC, PERT, PERL and IBC solar cells

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  • Measurements of cells

  • Test duration: 4 hours (typical)

  • Ability to measure PERC, AL-BSF, PERC+, bifacial PERC, PERT, PERL and IBC solar cells

  • Voltage: ± 1.5 kV

  • No climate chamber necessary

  • Easy to use bench top device

PIDcon bifacial

PID-s front85 °C, +1.5 kV85 °C, -1.5 kV
PID-p rear85 °C, +1.5 kV, without illumination85 °C, dark storage or illumination
PID-c rear85 °C, +1.5 kV, with illuminationNot possible
Lamination150 °C, 20 min
Sample sizeup to 210 x 210 mm
Suitable for

For PERC, AL-BSF, IBC, PERC+, bifacial PERC
p- and n-type

Measurement ofMeasurement of: Rparallel, leakage current, IV curve under illumination