Mono- and Multi-crystalline wafer lifetime measurement device

for sophisticated material research & development

Features of MDPmap

Sensitivity: highest sensitivity for visualization of so far invisible defects and investigations of epitaxial layers
Measurement speed: < 5 minutes for a 6 inch Si wafer, 1 mm resolution
Range of lifetimes: 20 ns to several ms
Contamination determination: metal (Fe) contaminations originated in crucibles and equipment
Measurement capability: from as-cut wafers to fully processed samples
Flexibility: fixed measurement head allows coupling of external lasers with trigger
Reliability: modular and compact bench top instrument for higher reliability and uptime > 99%
Repeatability: > 99%
Resistivity: resistivity mapping without frequent calibration

Flexible mapping tool for R&D or production monitoring

MDPmap is designed as a compact bench top contactless electrical characterization tool for offline production control or R&D, measuring parameters like carrier lifetime, photoconductivity, resistivity and defect information over a wide injection range in steady state or short pulse excitation (μ-PCD). Automated sample recognition and parameter setup allows an easy adaption to a big variety of different samples comprising epitaxial layers and wafers after various preparation stages ranging from as-grown wafers to up to 95% metallized ones.

The major advantage of MDPmap is its high flexibility, which allows for instance the integration of up to four lasers either for injection level dependent lifetime measurements ranging from ultra low to high injection or extracting depth information by using different laser wavelengths. Bias light facility is included as well as options for μ-PCD or steady state injection conditions. A customer defined calculation with different maps is possible as well as an export of primary data for further evaluation. For standard metrology tasks a predefined standard enables routine measurements by only pushing one button.

Configuration options

  • Spot size variation

  • Resistivity measurement (wafers)

  • Sheet resistance

  • Background/Bias light

  • Reflection measurement (MDP)

  • LBIC for solar cells

  • Reference wafer

  • Internal/External iron mapping of Si

  • Integrated heating stage

  • Wide range of lasers

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Technical specifications

sample sizeup to 300 mm diameter (standard), up to 450 mm diameter (on request), down to 5 x 5 mm
range of lifetimes20 ns to several ms
resistivity 0.2 - >103 Ohm cm, p/n
materialsilicon wafer, epi layers, partially or fully processed wafers, compound semiconductors and beyond
measureable propertieslifetime - μ-PCD/MDP (QSS), photoconductivity
excitationselect up to four different wavelengths from 355 nm up to 1480 nm. 980 nm (default)
dimensions680 x 380 x 450 mm, weight: ca. 65 kg
power100 - 250V, 50/60 Hz, 5 A