Metrology solutions for Research and Development

Research and development is the driving force for the expanding market for semiconductor products in the PV and microelectronic industry. 

Facing the challenges in research and development with fast and precise metrology equipment

R & D involves a number of challenges as the high costs, long timescales and often uncertain outcomes. Especially for R & D in the semiconductor industry the time factor is essential, since the intensive rivalry leads to faster and faster developments of new products. Freiberg Instruments equipement is ideal for research purposes and even customized solutions are possible.

  • trap concentration determination ability to measure injection dependent photoconductivity and lifetime simultaneously to determine the trap density and activation energy

  • pn-detection automatically detect a change in the conduction type from p to n with a resolution of 1 mm

  • Lifetime simulations numerical tool based on a rate equation system, which is solved for all possible transitions between defect levels and bands

  • Simulations of carrier profiles simulation tool for the simulation of carrier profiles for measurements at thick samples like ingots