Major milestones

1961 -EFG GmbH was established by the X-ray Ing. Arthur Bradaczek and his son Hans Bradaczek.

1969 - World's first X-ray detecting and counting unit on the basis of integrated circuits, named COUNTIX 130 was developed and introduced.

1989 - Development of Omega-Scan Method

          - BOSCH requests an Orientation Measurement System for round Quartz Blanks

          - Yield rise from 50% to 95% at the oscillator production

2005 - Transferring the Omega to other Materials like Sapphire, SiC, GaN, GaAS, Si, Ni-super alloys

2010 - Introduction of Desktop X-ray Diffractometer for Crystal Orientation Measurement (DDCOM)

          - Approximately 150 Quartz sorting systems were sold world wide

2015 - The X-ray technology and the traditions of EFG GmbH was transfered to Freiberg Instruments GmbH

Three generations of X-ray engineers

Arthur Bradaczek at the Siemens X-ray lab in the "Werner Werk" in Berlin (1928)

Prof. Dr. Hans Bradaczek installing a QSA 22L in Singapur (1994)

Dr. Hans-Arthur Bradaczek with QSA 55L (2000)