Flexible OEM unit for lifetime measurements at a variety of different samples ranging from mono- to multicrystalline silicon bricks, from as-grown wafers to process control of wafers with different layers or metallisation. Standard software interface for easy connection to many handling or automatisation systems.

Inline line scanner or single spot measurement

MDPlinescan is designed as an easy to integrate OEM unit for integration into a variety of automated inspection lines. Key measurements are carrier lifetime scans on the fly. Samples are usually carried by a conveyor belt or robot system underneath the measurement head. Application examples range from brick to wafer inspection with measurement speed of less than one second per wafer. Incoming material quality investigation in cell production lines are frequent application cases as well as process quality check after passivation and diffusion, within many other specialized application possibilities. Easy to integrate only ethernet connection and power is needed.

MDPlinescan w
Includes additional resistivity measurement option.


  • allows for single wafer investigation

  • recipe based measurements

  • monitoring of material quality, process integrity and stability


  • Measurement of minority carrier lifetime and resistivity lines cans at µ-PCD or steady state excitation conditions are in the focus of this small tool.

  • OEM unit for the integration in production lines for multi- or monocrystalline silicon wafers at different preparation stages up to devices, bricks or ingots.

  • Small size and standard automation interfaces allows for easy integration. Focus is put on long reliability and precision of measurement results.

Technical specifications

sampleraw multi or mono wafers of multiple sizes like 156 mm², bricks, cells
sample sizeabove 50 x 50 mm²
resistivity0.2 - 10³ Ohm cm
conduction typep, n
materialsilicon wafers, partially or fully processed wafers, compound semiconductors and beyond
measurable propertiescarrier lifetime
hardware interfaceethernet
dimension174 x 107 x 205 mm, weight: 3 kg
power24 V DC, 2 A


  • allows for single wafer control

  • recipe based measurements

  • monitoring of material, process quality and stability