Crystal orientation by XRD

The Omega-scan is a fast, simple and reliable way to determine single crystal orientation. Freiberg Instruments is the only company offering this high-end technique.

XRD devices for crystal orientation & quality control

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Our scope

Freiberg Instruments manufactures diffractometers and automated in-line solutions for crystal lattice orientation and sample alignment.

We specialize in the ultra-fast and precise Omega-scan method that allows determination of the complete crystal orientation in a few seconds. By adding 2D (X-Y) or 3D mapping, rocking-curve measurement in combination with full automation, our diffractometers are an integral part of quality control for single crystal manufacturers. Our XRD devices can handle boules, ingots, wafers, bars, panels, rods and other forms of crystals.

Our XRD devices operate 24 h in production environment, aligning crystals for sawing or grinding, determining the flat's or notch's position and checking the final product (wafer, blank, etc.)