Make Non-Contact Measurements of Low Resistivity Boules and Wafers with Unparalleled Repeatability


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Contact free measurement and imaging of the resistivity
High frequency eddy current sensing principle with integrated IR temperature sensor to correct for temperature variations of the sample
Signal sensitivity
High signal sensitivity, based on the coil frequency readout (patent pending), for accurate and reliable resistivity measurements with high reproducibility and repeatability
Measurement time
< 3s for the measurement and < 1s between measurements
Measurement speed
< 30s for a 200 mm wafer/ingot, 9 points
Multi points measurement and mapping display
with maximum 9999 points
Material form factor
Flat or slightly curved wafers, boules, ingots slabs, blanks and thin films
X-Y placement resolution ≥ 0.1 mm
Edge exclusion 5 mm
modular, compact bench top instrument design for high reliability and uptime > 99%
Repeatability of resistivity measurement
≤ 0.15%, based on Material System Analysis (MSA) using ANOVA Gage R&R methods


User-friendly and advanced operating software with

  • Resistivity measurement recipes

  • Export/import functions and raw data access

  • Multi-level user account management

  • Overview over all performed measurements

  • Mapping options (line, cross, star, full map, topography, user defined pattern)

Click here  to download the product flyer and technical data.

  • Package of analysis functions; statistics, variance analysis, temperature correction functions and library

  • Remote accessibility; Internet based based system allows remote operation and technical support from anywhere in the world

Further technical specifications and configuration options

Prepared for Automation different platforms available
Measurement method conformswith SEMI MF673
Data and data validity checkedusing NIST standards
Accuracy over calibration interval ±1%
Integrated IR temperature sensor (±0.1°)to allow reporting resistivity at a standard temperature, different from the actual temperature of the sample
Sample thickness correction

for samples where the penetration depth of the high frequency signal is larger than the penetration depth

Power requirements100-250 VAC, 5 A
Dimensions (w/h/d)465 x 550 x 600 mm
Software controlstandard PC with Window 10 or latest, 2 Ethernet ports


Application examples