Low cost table top single spot measurements on wafers or bricks.

Table top single spot measurements

Low cost table top lifetime measurement system for characterization of a variety of different silicon samples at different preparation stages, without built-in automatization. Optional hand operated z-axis for thicker samples up to 156 mm bricks. Standard software for result visualization.

MDPspot w
Includes an additional resistivity measurement option. Resistivity measurements for silicon only, either for wafers without height adjustment possibility, or for bricks. One of these two options has to be predefined.


  • contactless destruction free electrical semiconductor characterisation

  • μ-PCD measurement option included

  • advanced sensitivity for visualisation of so far invisible defects and investigations of epitaxial layers

  • integration of up to four lasers for a wide range of injection levels

  • access to primary data of single transients as well as maps for special evaluation purposes

Add ons

  • Spot size variation

  • Resistivity measurement (wafers)

  • Background/Bias light

  • Reflection measurement (MDP)

  • Software extension

  • Additional lasers

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  • Table top unit for single point measurements of carrier lifetime, multi- or mono-crystalline silicon at different preparation stages, from as- grown up to final devices.

  • Small size, low cost and easy to use. Comes with a basic software for result visualisation on a small PC or notebook.

  • Suitable for wafers up to bricks, with easy to handle height adjustment.

Technical specifications

mono or multi silicon wafers, bricks, cells, wafers after ­different processing steps like passivation or diffusion
sample sizeabove 50 x 50 mm² up to 12“ or 210 x 210 mm²
resistivity0.2 - 10³ Ohm cm
materialsilicon wafers, bricks, partially or fully processed wafers, compound semiconductors and beyond
measureable propertiescarrier lifetime
dimension360 x 360 x 520 mm, weight: 16 kg
power110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 A


  • allows for single wafer investigation

  • different recipes for different wafer classes

  • monitoring of material, process quality and stability