Inline metrology of mc-Si bricks

Lifetime measurements are already widely used for material quality control especially in the photovoltaic industry. Taking it one step further, inline ingot measurements allow to sort out low quality parts of the ingot before sawing wafer and hence bad quality material can be sorted out almost at the beginning of the whole production chain.

With the MDPinline ingot it is possible to measure all 4 sides of a brick in under 1 min per side with 1 mm resolution. At the same time a spatial resolved measurement of conduction type changes as well as resistivity linescans are measured. Customer defined brick cut criteria by lifetime, resistivity or conduction type change can be transmitted to the fab database, which allows a fully automated material monitoring for next generation photovoltaic fabs. Furthermore the iron density can be measured on one side of the brick, which takes about 2.5 min.