Automatic wafer sorting

For microelectronics, and other microstructure technologies, crystalline wafers are the most important substrate material. In high-throughput applications like wafer sorting and quality control, the Omega Scan plays its speed advantage.


To gain the high performance that is expected from a semiconductor, every wafer shall be tested. With its high speed and precision, the Omega-scan method is best suited for fully automated in-line solutions of XRD. This includes characterization of the surface tilt vector and an in-plane direction, for instance the perpendicular of the flat as well as automated detection of flat- or notch plus their measures.

For all established wafer materials and orientations, Omega Scan solutions are available. The most common material is quartz, where the combination with mapping comes in handy. The high-quality areas of the wafer are identified prior to cutting blanks.

During wafer production, heat occurs that can bend the thin wafer. An additional sensor can determine warp and bow of the wafer (see Fig. 1 & 2).