Mono- and Multi-crystalline wafer and brick lifetime measurement device for routine quality control, sophisticated material research and development

Si | compound semiconductors | oxides | wide bandgap materials | perovskites | epitaxial layers

[ CdTe | InP | ZnS | SiC | GaAs | GaN | Ge ]

  • Contactless and destruction free lifetime imaging (μPCD/MDP (QSS)), photoconductivity, resistivity and p/n check according to semi standard SEMI PV9-1110

  • Wafer cutting, Furnace monitoring, Material optimization and more

Routine Lifetime Measurement, Quality Control & Inspection

Best throughput: >240 bricks/day or >720 wafers/day
Measurement speed: <4 minutes for a 156 x 156 x 400 mm standard brick
Yield improvement: 1 mm cutting criteria for a 156 x 156 x 400 mm standard brick
Quality control: designed for quality monitoring of processes and materials like mono or multi-crystalline silicon
Contamination determination: metal (Fe) contaminations originated in crucibles and equipment
Reliability: modular and rugged industrial instrument for higher reliability and uptime > 99%
Repeatability: > 99%
Resistivity: resistivity mapping without frequent calibration

Sophisticated Material Research & Development

Few examples for research applications,

  • Iron concentration determination

  • Trap concentration determination

  • Boron oxygen determination

  • Injection dependent measurements and more

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  • completely contactless destruction free electrical semiconductor characterisation

  • special “underneath the surface” lifetime measurement technique

  • advanced sensitivity for visualisation of so far invisible defects

  • automated cut criteria definition

  • spacial resolved p/n conduction type transformation detection

Configuration options

  • Spot size variation

  • Resistivity measurement (bricks/wafers)

  • Background/Bias light

  • Reflection measurement (MDP)

  • LBIC

  • BiasMDP

  • LBIC for solar cells

  • LBIC, BiasMDP measurement stage with contacts

  • Reference wafer

  • Resistivity calibration set (bricks/wafers)

  • Internal iron mapping of Si

  • P/N detection

  • Bar code reader

  • Wide range of lasers

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