portable in field PID (Potential Induced Degradation) tester for different types and sizes of c-Si modules without dismounting and within 8 hours test time (measurement will be less than 8 hours).

PIDcheck was developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer CSP Halle, Germany.

Benefits and features of PIDcheck

Quality check after installation or before Purchasing PV power plants
PIDcheck is the only tool that is able find whether installed PV modules are PID sensitive or not.

Power and yield forecast
If PID has already occurred, only PIDcheck measurements can provide projections on future yield.

Evaluation of countermeasures against PID
The PIDcheck device is able to simulate the application of recovery equipment (offset boxes, float controllers) and therefore helps to evaluate the recovery effect before their installation. Reversible high voltage polarity for PID recovery in the field

Measurable parameters
Shunt resistance, power loss, conductivity, leakage current, humidity and temperature

Easy to use portable device

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