Wafer XRD

for fully automated sorting, crystal orientation, optical notch and flat determination and more


Si | SiC | AlN | Sapphire (Al2O3) | GaAs | Quartz | LiNbO3 | BBO and 100 more materials

Features of Wafer XRD

  • Fully automated wafer handling and sorting system (eg: cassette to cassette)

  • Crystal orientation and resistivity measurements

  • Optical determination of geometric features (notch position, notch deep, notch opening angle, diameter, flat position and flat length) of wafers

  • Distance measurement for unpolished wafers and mirroring surfaces

  • MES and/or SECS/GEM interfaces

Established Omega-scan method

  • Highest precision

  • Measurement speed: < 5 secs/sample 

  • Easy integration into process line

  • Typical standard deviation tilt (example: Si 100):   < 0.003 °, minimum < 0.001 °

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